7 giugno 2011

The Sugar Killerz review by Crush! Frag! Destroy!

The Sugar Killerz review by Crush! Frag! Destroy!'s Rob Thomas

Italian developers, Fun Hazard, promise a cinematic experience with a great soundtrack in The Sugar Killerz. I’m not sure just how cinematic the game gets beyond what I sampled in the demo, but it starts off with some pretty nice still frames that set the story and the soundtrack (by AcidRider) is certainly pretty snappy. But what about the rest of the game? Does it hold up?
The Sugar Killerz are mercenaries, seemingly hired by the local king to assassinate all candy in the land. It seems that the candy is either interfering with the king’s approval rating, or perhaps they’re just causing his stock to crash out, so he enlists The Killerz help to carry out his plan. The Killerz look like they may well be candy themselves, being small, colorful chunk-like things and whatnot. However, it seems genocide doesn’t seem to bother them, so long as the money is right.

You play as either the Mad, the Cool, the Dumb, or the Bad, with friends or A.I. bots rounding out the rest of the cast of this side-scrolling, twin-stick shmup. You swap between four different weapons using the face buttons, each of which has an alt-fire mode, and mow down hordes of on-screen enemies, picking up power-ups and generally doing shmup-y kinda stuff.
The only real downside that presented itself during my time with the demo was how enemies were distributed throughout the level (seeming to just come flying at you from all directions in waves, with no real rhyme or reason), and that they didn’t seem to pose much of a threat. Of course, I think this mainly may have been due to some of the most hyper-aggressive A.I. partners I’ve ever seen in a game keeping the screen cleared out, leaving me on mop-up duty. Still, it’s obvious that a lot of work that went into this one. If you don’t balk at the $5 price tag, you should definitely check it out.

Score: Must Play!

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