8 aprile 2013

Inkscape SVG importer for XNA

I'm working to an Inkscape SVG importer for XNA.

The importer will help us in three ways:
  • Vectorial meshes instead of raster images for most of the graphics
  • Inkscape can be a great level editor
  • Quick creation of collision shapes
Why InkScape? Simple: it's powerful, have handy additional tags, it's relatively easy to use and (most important) it's free.
As soon as the importer is done, I'll make it available to everyone.

The imported will let you import SVG file into flat 3D meshes and it will be provided with a ContentPipelineExtension.

At the moment I managed to parse SVGs and transform them in meshes and lines, keeping the grouping of meshes, which is cool because you can have separate parts in your SVG that can be transformed separately. For example: you can shape a car that have three groups: one for the body and two for the wheels.
Once imported in game, you can rotate only the groups containing the meshes of the wheels.

Another cool feature is the possibility to use the rotation points if Inkscape to set the joint position between groups.

Currently the import part is working fine (although Bezier curves are still not supported) and I'm working to the joints between groups.

More info about the SVG format: http://www.w3.org/Graphics/SVG/
More info about Inkscape: http://inkscape.org/

Stay tuned for updates.

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